ILYP Audio Drama Project

I have decided to take on a personal project: translating and subbing the I Like Your Pheromones Audio Drama. This audio drama is adapted from the danmei (Chinese BL) web-novel of the same name, written by Yin Lu Xing.


Audio Drama
Season 1:
Season 2:

This audio drama is PAID CONTENT. Only the first two episodes of season 1 are available to listen to for free. As such, I have only uploaded the season 1 preview and first two episodes on YouTube (linked below). I highly encourage anyone interested to support the author and audio drama production team as much as possible. Further episodes will be made available via my Discord server.

image from the official cover art of the audio drama, season 1 eps 5-8


Rating: M (see AO3’s ratings for reference)

Warnings: explicit language, some violence, sexual content, sexual harassment, smoking, drinking

Other tags: ABO/omegaverse, horny teenagers, schoolyard romance, slice of life, high school, rivals to friends to lovers


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Episode Guide:

  • Season 1: 13 episodes + a bunch of little extras
  • Season 2: 11 main episodes + 3 extras + mini extras

Lead Voice Actors

  • Lu Zhixing路知行 (aka Lu Zhi-Zhi) as Duan Jiayan
    • Some other roles:
      • Wei Wuxian in MDZS audio drama and The Untamed
      • Xue Xian in Copper Coins
      • You Huo in Global Examination
  • Shi Zekun 史泽鲲 (aka Da Kun) as Lu Xingci
    • Some other roles:
      • Song Yu in Adorable Allergen (可爱过敏原)
      • Cao Ye in Eye of the Storm
      • Lin Shu in The Number One Pretty Boy in the Cultivation World
      • Gao Tianyang in Mou Mou (A Certain Someone)


As a good-looking beta with a decent family background, Duan Jiayan’s life was smooth-sailing for a good ten-plus years until high school, where he met Lu Xingci.

Lu Xingci was from a more well-off family, taller than him, and better at basketball than him. Not to mention, his academics were well ahead of Duan Jiayan’s by a couple hundred streets. Even Duan Jiayan’s ragtag buddies would occasionally throw out a few words of praise for Lu Xingci. Most importantly, the girl Duan Jiayan was chasing openly declared that she had liked the school prince, Lu Xingci, for many years now.

From then on, one-sidedly, Duan Jiayan was not a fan of Lu Xingci. That is, until the day he received his latest medical exam results. He was a late-blooming omega, and because he had presented too late, he had been too pent-up. If alphas got too close, Duan Jiayan would start hurting all over to the point of wanting to beat someone up.

He was allergic to all alpha pheromones, except for Lu Xingci’s.

One Evening, Study Hall

Duan Jiayan was feeling unwell and needed Lu Xingci to bite his neck to make a temporary Mark.

After the Marking, Lu Xingci said lazily, “Us alphas are bad-tempered and stingy. I helped you with this Mark – is there compensation?”

“Then can you…” Duan Jiayan asked, testing the waters, “be more generous?”

“Sure.” The other boy’s gaze was slightly lowered as he tapped his own pale neck. “If you bite me back, I’ll let it go.”

Duan Jiayan: “…”