Lyrics: 只身走马 | Zhi Shen Zou Ma | Riding Alone

  • From the Living to Suffer (活受罪 | Huo Shou Zui) Audio Drama, based on the novel by Tangstory 鱼香肉丝

Original Song: 离人泪 (Li Ren Lei) by 張繼聰 (Louis Cheung / Zhang Jicong) 
Planning: 红树歅 [水岸聆音] (Hong Shu Yin [Shui An Ling Yin])  
Lyrics: 桑酒酒 (Sang Jiujiu) 
Vocals: 小千 (Smile_XiaoQian) 

English Translation (requested): radishtears 


Description (translated): 
The lyrics are written from Shen Liangsheng’s point of view, after Xiao Qin-daifu dies (?), depicting Shen Liangsheng’s state of mind after the dream grass (?).  
That person who once said countless “I like you”s has left. 
He doesn’t wish to spend the rest of his years riding across the lands alone. 
He doesn’t wish to spend nights resting on winter snow, his heart trapped on the Moon Palace. 

This song is not an original composition — rather, new lyrics have been written to the instrumental for the original song, Li Ren Lei, which seems to be an appropriate choice. The song title means roughly “the tears of people who are parting”. It is taken from a ci from Song poet Su Shi.  

I have not listened to this audio drama nor read the novel so apologies if I mistranslated anything. I also did take some liberties with interpretation. If anyone spots any mistakes or has more context, feel free to let me know.  


yán fēi dǔ yì bàn zhēn  
言非笃 意半真 
gòng shéi jiě yī lǐ hóng chén  
rén shì tiáo tiáo cóng lái shuāng gāo lù lěng  
人世迢迢 从来霜高路冷 
xīn shì bù shí jìng duō qíng shēn bù kān rèn  
心事不识 竟多情深不堪认 
gè qù jiāng hú jì yú shēng  

nǐ zǒu hòu shí zhōu xuě zài wǒ huāng táng yán  
你走后 十洲雪 载我荒唐言 
nǐ zǒu hòu mǎng mǎng rén jiān gēng dié  
你走后 莽莽人间更迭 
cóng cǐ zǒu mǎ shān hé jiān  
sān gēng zhěn dōng xuě  
cóng cǐ xīn shàng guǎng hán wú rén yè  
从此心上广寒 无人谒 


nǐ zǒu hòu shuāng mǎn jié xiāo yǐn huāng méi biān
你走后 霜满睫 宵饮慌梅边
nǐ zǒu hòu zuì xǐng huái tòng yóu liè
你走后 醉醒怀恸尤烈
cóng cǐ tiān dì bù rù yǎn
wéi wǒ yī rén dú mián
cóng cǐ tiān yá lái chù wú rén xié
从此天涯来处 无人携


Uncertain words, half-truths 
With whom do I fathom this corner of the mortal world? 
Life has always been a long, frostbitten road 
I did not recognize my own feelings, unable to tell how deep they truly were 
And so we each give our remaining years to the Jianghu 

After your departure, snow falls from the heavens and carries away my foolish words
After your departure, the overgrown world continues on, ever-changing 
From now on, I ride across the mountains and rivers 
Resting on the winter snow in the dead of night 
From now on, my heart lives upon the Moon Palace with no one to greet 


After your departure, I drink away my evenings, with frost settling on my eyelashes, wild plum blossoms by my side
After your departure, the yearning ache grows especially strong when soberness returns
From now on, nothing on heaven nor land can catch my eye 
There is only myself, sleeping alone 
From now on, there is no one to accompany me as I walk to the ends of the earth

Translation Notes

Moon Palace: 广寒宫 (Guang Han Gong / Guang Han Palace) — In the legends, there is a palace on the moon wherein Chang’e lives with her rabbit after she ascends to the moon. The literal translation of “guang han” would be “vast and cold/desolate” so you can imagine there are connotations of coldness and loneliness.  

  • “my heart lives upon the Moon Palace”: I could just go with “my heart grows cold” but it feels nice to keep the reference in 

dead of night: 三更 (san geng) — This is actually refers to the time between 2300 and 0100 (ish). Basically late at night.  


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